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The process of printing in FFF technology requires the support of professional software, which apart from generating g-code for 3D Printers will also allow the user to properly prepare models for printing.

Modern SOFTSHAPER software interface leads the user through consecutive stages automatically choosing optimal and verified print parameters. 3D Print enthusiasts will definitely be interested in the possibility of temperature setting and printing speed configuration, layer height, wall thickness, filling placement orientation or extruder choice for printing with one extruder in the case of dual extruder printer.

The interface of the application allows the users to regulate the cooling of the print, pausing the print at every level and make decisions concerning support structure printing for part of a model, which do not have the support of adjoining paths. It is worth mentioning that thanks to SOFTSHAPER the user can decide when he wants to proceed with path generation, which significantly influences the efficiency of the application.

The software is compatible with file formats: *.stl, *.obj, *.dae, *.amg.