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IDEA Software

If you can think about it, you can scan it!

IDEA the Software acquires 3d images through the scans and processes the obtained data until the 3D object is completely reproduced. With IDEA you can manage Scan in a Box to scan whatever comes to your mind!

The installer is equipped in a USB and its license is unlimited. A free trial version (temporary license) can be downloaded in the Downloads area, together with some tutorials which will guide you through your first experiences working with scan data.

Dedicated Software

What makes IDEA exclusive is the fact that it was created to take full advantage of the selected hardware components. In fact, the software was not designed to handle a generic product, but it was optimized to provide perfect compatibility between Scan in a Box' software and hardware. This way, IDEA multiplies thepotential Scan in a Box has to offer its users. 

Immediately operational

IDEA enables visualizing and interact with both individual scan data and the generated mesh. The scan result is immediate and the editing can be carried out in every moment. The partial or final project can be directly used in many different ways, choose and elaborate your very own idea! For further information on the software's functionality download the complete manual in the download area. 

Color scans

Our one-of-a-kind product IDEA allows you to capture the color of the object surface, applying it directly on its 3D reproduction. The visualized reproduction is therefore extremely accurate and allows the user to observe the model before exporting the files specifically targeted to address art and cultural asset projects.

Alignment, Mesh Generation

IDEA's editing tools make the captured scans very easy to manage. These are: Alignment, a simple control that precisely aligns two or more captures at the same reference system; Mesh generation, an advanced algorithm for the creation of the 3D model, which offers the opportunity to customize the detail level.

Decimation, Smoothing and Hole Filling

IDEA's editing tools allow the user to have complete control over the area of interest. They can be applied before or after the mesh generation to clean or erase undesired parts, the selection tools can be interactive or automatic. A few examples of automatic tools are: Decimation, makes the data lighter lowering its number of triangles, still preserving the surface details; Smoothing, makes the surface more uniform; Hole Filling, creates a new part of triangular surface that fills holes that could have generated during the scan.


IDEA allows the placement of the 3D model in a exact space reference. The placement can be established manually, via modifying tools, or through a reset that uses the possible plane surfaces of the object. This practice is called Datum Alignment.


IDEA's exporting format is compatible with any third-party 3D design and printing program. It is possible to export the document in the common existing formats: extension. OBJ- Wavefront 3Dobject file; extension .STL- Stereo lithography; extension .PLY- Polygon file format; extension .OFF- 3Dmodel format.