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ezScan 2017


ezScan 2017

ezScan 2017 has a simplified interface that empowers users by providing a scanning process that is quick and easy to comprehend. Scan processing has never been easier as each function has a clear and logical layout to reduce errors whilst increasing productivity. The intuitive user interface combined with enhanced automatic scan functions allows anyone to operate the scanner without difficulty. 


Automatic Scanning Solution


‘Smart Scan’ is a new feature in ezScan 2017. This revolutionary software automatically identifies ten incorrectly scanned paths collected during auto scan, and then performs additional autonomous scans. If users still wish to scan additional sections, they can easily do so by using the ‘Active Sync’ feature. Active sync effortlessly merges the scan image view on the screen with the actual object on the scanner coalescing both images into a single image for easier operation.


Enhanced Scan Data Processing

ezScan 2017 provides vastly superior scan data processing with an improved merge algorithm. It allows easy processing when scanning parts that prove difficult during attempts to extract adequate scan data. Functions such as watertight scan data formsscan data suitable for 3D printing, after which an analysis can easily be exported without the need for additional design software.